Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding in Lewisham Performed by the Experts

Floor SandingEven hard wood floors can start to see some wear and tear after years of foot traffic and other little knocks and scrapes. Get floor sanding in Lewisham from our experts today and your floor will end up looking like new! The floor sanding process involves the removal of the top layer of sealant already in place on the wood, and it’s replacement with a fresh coat for long-term protection. We use only the finest equipment and specially chosen sealants in our work, and also offer staining options if you fancy a new look. Our BONA-certified staff provide professional services that are second-to-none.

Floor Sanding Services That Don’t Cost the Earth

Wooden floors are an expensive and luxurious addition to every home, but their upkeep doesn’t need to be expensive. Using our precision floor sanding services once or twice a year, depending on wear, will keep the simple cleaning and maintenance you regularly perform fast and easy, and will protecting your flooring for many years to come. Our services give you:

  • High quality floor sanding delivered by a BONA-certified team of specialists, using the latest equipment
  • 24-hour a day customer care, and the chance to reschedule an appointment for FREE with 48 hours’ notice
  • Booking slots suitable for even the busiest of home or workplace schedules
  • Low basic rates, and special deals on combined bookings with our carpentry services, painting and decorating services, gardening and landscaping and more!
  • Full insurance protection
  • On site consultations before the start of all floor sanding services

How Our Team Works Their Magic?

Beginning with phone consultation with one of our advisers, you’ll know right from the start exactly how our floor sanding services are going to work and how little they’re going to cost you. As soon as you’ve agreed the figure of your quote with our team they’ll get right to work. The first stage of the restoration process is to use our mechanical equipment to strip away the remaining areas of the floor’s original sealant. We then work out any minor imperfections in the floor surface. This is the stage where we’ll apply any stain you might have selected. Following this, we’ll re-seal your floors, using the correct number of coats to ensure thorough ongoing protection. The BONA equipment we use is designed to create no saw-dust or other pollutants, so our work area – your home! – will remain mess-free throughout.

Floor Sanding Services Delivered with Insurance Protection

Floor SandingWe know your wooden flooring can represent a significant investment, and hiring a team – even our specially trained and highly experienced professionals – to restore it can be a stressful experience. That’s why we provide full insurance cover as standard with every one of the specialist floor sanding services, and insist our team are all tested and approved by the market leaders at BONA. This means a restful restoration process for you, and top quality results for your floors.

Call for a Consultation Today!

We provide a no obligation on-site consultation from one of our experienced supervisors as key parts of our expert floor sanding services. All you need to do is dial 020 3404 6936 and you’ll be able to arrange yours quickly and easily. Our customer support advisers are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help you with anything you need, so if you’ve got any questions, feel free to fire away!